Research is a crucial part of fashion styling and magazines are a great place to start. I use magazines as a resource to study trends and see what has been “done” and what’s “current” as far as fashion goes.  If your interested in becoming a Fashion Stylist you have to stay on top of all the major trends and keep abreast as to what direction the fashion industry is going in. In order to do this, start considering major fashion magazines as your new best friend. Elle, Vouge, GQ, and Details Magazine are a great place to start to sharpen your constructive fashion eye and are considered some of the leading magazines in the industry.  Use these staples as a point of reference to master your craft in styling and expand your creative talent.


To succeed as a successful fashion stylist, you will need to pay close attention to detail. When styling for any major job like a video shoot, fashion editorial, TV appearance or red carpet, make sure that the client your styling looks impeccable. Unless your styling some grunge rock band that is paying you to style them like they just rolled out of bed…wrinkles, stains, loose threads, and or hanging bra straps are NOT acceptable and can lead to the finger of blame being pointed at you.  On the bright side, attention to detail will help eliminate these fashion faux pas and sharpen your styling eye to create and place all the right components together to make an impressive look for your client.
If she has a visible bra strap, lint or marks on her clothing or anything else out of place, you’re the person who’ll have to answer for it later. Attention to detail will also help you with accessorizing and putting the perfect finishing touches to an outfit.


As a fashion stylist, you will need to work closely with everyone from fashion designers, models, makeup artists, photographers and a host of others — so it’s imperative that you have great interpersonal skills — this basically means you have the ability to communicate well with people. We all can experience moments of shyness but in order to progress through the industry it’s crucial that you break out of your shell. Start making it a point to introduce yourself to one new person a day and try to spark up a brief but general conversation! In the world of styling, most jobs you obtain are based through building relationships so its important that you keep a positive attitude and a open line of communication in order grow and prosper in the industry.